Penny Auction Script
Multiple Auction Types
8 different auction styles are included. Each auction type can either be used individually or multiple auction types can be combined at once as well. E.g.
  • Cent Auction
    In a penny auction, the price rises by just one cent with each bid placed (whereas in a normal auction, it rises by 15 cents).
  • Fixed Price Auction
    If you win a Fixed Price Auction, you only pay the price indicated in the heading of the auction (plus delivery costs), regardless of the level the bidding reaches.
  • 100% Off Auction
    Where an auction is marked “100% off”, the winning bidder does not have to pay the final price. That’s right: the price is zero! You just need to pay the delivery charges
  • Nailbiter Auction
    During a NailBiter Auction, BidButlers aren't allowed. Users may only place single bids by manually clicking or calling. Don't walk away or you miss the next incredible deal!
  • Beginner Auction
    These auctions are a special offer to our new customers that have not won an auction on Swoopo before. You can only bid on one Beginner Auction at a time. After you have won your first auction, you will no longer be able to bid on Beginner Auctions.
  • Buy It Now Auction
    Buy it now Auction allows user to buy that auction anytime when that auction is running and/or even after auction is ended and all their placed bids on that perticular auctionback as a discount from retail price while making payment of that item. so, its win-win situation.
E-mail Template Management Facility
It has never been easier to manage the content of each e-mail that is being sent out on your website with this facility. As the admin user, you will have the ability to easily change the content any time you choose and you’ll also have the ability to use placeholder variables as well.
Ajax-Based Admin
The admin panel is completely Ajax-based. This means the admin panel is completely user-friendly and easy to learn for anyone!
Helpdesk Module
This feature will allow you to manage all website related support requests with the ease of doing so in the back-end of the script. This will completely remove the need for 3rd party and unreliable e-mail systems for your business and assure your customers are getting the support they deserve!
Template(Smarty) Based Design
With our Template(Smarty) Based structure programming and designing part will be separate. So, design change can be done very quickly,easily and without disturbing core logic.
Custom Payment gateway
With our script, you have the ability to choose any one payment gateway of your choice. Whether it is as common as PayPal or one that opened yesterday, we will implement it, free of charge.
*Note: The payment gateway must have PHP samples and proper documentation for us to reference towards.
Auction Auto-relisting
Set your auctions to be relisted automatically according to the settings you choose. This avoids doing them all by hand and it is necessary for owners who run many auctions at a time.
Multiple Reports/Charts Facility
With this, you will get roughly 10-12 different reports and statistics based on your website performance. This will allow you to easy track things such as; user reports, profit/loss, and auction statistics. Reports allow you to easily find out crucial information about your business in an organized manner without a lot of stress and hassle.
Export User/Finance Data
Exporting data allows you to export your website data to CSV file format. This will easily allow you to import your data into things like your local accounting system.
Voucher system
The voucher system is an automated system that gives promotions to your users to encourage their loyalty to your website. Vouchers include either money or free bids.
Geographical Restriction
With this feature, you can block any particular IP address, a range of IP addresses, or an entire country of IP addresses. This facility is great and useful for many admin users.
Newsletter Facility
The newsletter facility allows you to be able to send newsletters to your members and/or your subscribers. This gives you the ability to send out messages, news, or promotions to your user base with the click of a button.
Google Analytical/Metadata Integration
This facility integrates Google Analytics or Metadata.
Bid Package Management Facility
This will easily give you the ability to change bid pack settings such as; price, name, and amount of bids in the matter of seconds with no hassle!
Product Management Facility
This facility allows you to easily manage all of your products before you start an auction. You can edit the name, retail price, description, and many other specifications. All of this is done in an organized matter with no clutter or confusion.
Customizable Invoice Facility
Easily customize all of your orders and invoices with this feature.
Live Online/Offline User Statistics
With this facility, you will be able to track your user statistics with ease by the touch of a button!
Fully Div-based Designs
Can’t afford the iPhone/Android App right now? Don’t worry! With our script, our designs are Div-based. This means that all of our scripts are fully viewable in any modern day mobile phone browser.