Groupon Clone Script


Deal a Day script is the online store that focuses in selling only one product and 2 or 4 side product, selling stuff at prices below retail by getting items directly from the source or wholesaler and cutting out the middleman. This is the cheap market with displaying single item per day. This kind of website focuses in selling low-priced and cool products, a new product is released every morning seven days a week. If a product sells out during its run, a new item will not appear until the next release time. The main page says "SOLD OUT" if stock of that item is sold out. If someone misses yesterday’s product s/he can not buy it today.

Front-End Features

1. Deal of the day

Today's main deal indicates the single hot deal of the day in user's city. This main product displays with complete information like: main image and other small images, Discount on it, Availability of that product with interactive showcase of timing to display for how long the deal would be open and creates urgency among users. Brief product information is given. So, user can have complete idea of that product. (i.e. product's features and product condition.) Users can view product statistics of deal in graphical format. Statistic includes first sucker, people who bought this product have been one day, percentage of sale per hour and many more. "Buy" Button will be given for that main deal. By clicking on that button, user can proceed towards checkout and complete the purchase of product. User can buy that product before time and quantity exceeds their limits. This is the great feature of Groupon clone script.

2. Multiple city deals

Clicking on "visit more cities" from any page of the site, user can view the different cities in tabular format. User can choose a city of his choice from the city list to view all the available deals in that specific city.

3. Multiple side deals

Side deals are other deals which are not listed in main deal ( Deal of the day). Each city can have multiple side deals. All side deals will listed one under one. User can view complete detail of the deal by clicking on “View” Button nearby each of the side deal. Brief information and product statistic will be given for that specific side deal. User can proceed to purchase of that side deal by clicking on “Buy” button.

4. Refer a friend

Share deal a day site products, services, values and benefits to the people you know. Bring them to the site, and share recommendations. Referral Program is one of the best facilities of Group buying script.

5. Browse deals by city and categories

The users can choose deals by selecting city or selecting category which is best for them. Browse deals by city and categories both can help users to choose best deals for them for their own city in daily deal websites.

6. Blog

Blog for Deal A Day script provides the detail information on specific product. The ability to creates more interest to buy the products in the website. Here, you will find daily items along with articles.

7. Community

The community section features public forums. Everyone is encouraged to post their comments about each of items. "News" will carry announcements of new developments within the company, links to media pieces. People can ask the queries and clear their doubt or remark on the suspicion.

8. Secure Customer login

The users can create a new account in the site and securely logging with their credentials to the site for purchase any product from deal a day site. Registering with the deal a day site will give extra benefits than visitor to user.

9. My account page

Users can keep their profile up-to-date with “My Account” page. Users can change their account password from My Account page. Users can update Billing and Shipping information from My Account page when needed.

10. View Coupons after login

Users can view complete history of their coupons which they have purchased from date of their registration till today from the deal a day site. Users can see coupon details like coupon code, coupon amount, coupon points along with its status like used coupon, unused coupon, expired coupon.

11. Order tracking

Users have given facility to keep track of all their orders with its complete detail from the first order till their last order to the deal site. Users can keep track of order's details like Order number, Order date, Purchased product, Product quantity, Amount of order, Shipping charge (if there) for order, Order status, Billing and Shipping address and like wise.

12. Purchase Credit points

Users can recharge their accounts any time after logged in with the deal a day site. User can purchase as many as points they want to. Price per point will be decided by site owner Administrator. User can pay price of purchased points with their Pay Pal account.

13. Share deals through social media

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter are integrated with Deal site. User can share the deal information with their friends, relatives or any other peoples whom they know. Users can email to a friend for any specific deal information. Users have facility to print any deal information.

14. Location – Google map

Google Map feature is given to users in Groupon clone script where users can have exact idea about location of the store from the map. The map can be zoomed in or zoomed out and also contains other required features of the Google Map.

15. Advance deal search

Advance search is the feature from where users can search deals using deal name or other keywords related to deal, Deal price, Deal city, Deal category. Once user will define search criteria, based on those criteria respective search results (deals) will be display to users and users can choose particular deal from that result and can proceed towards purchase of that selected deal.

16. SEO friendly URLs

SEO Friendly URLs – Clean URLs are purely structured URLs which are often done for aesthetic, usability, or search engine optimization purpose. SEO friendly URLs is the technique of rewrite the site URLs in such a way that can help for better keyword ranking in leading search engines like Google. Other reasons for designing SEO friendly URLs for a deal a day websites including ensuring that individual deal will remain under the same URL for years and individual deal will have unique URL in the Group buying script which make the world wide web a more stable and useful system, and to make them memorable, logical, easy to type, human-centric, and long-lived.

17. Highly secured cart

Users can purchase products in highly secured environment from Group deal script. This best Groupon clone script is designed and developed in such a manner that is not storing any payment information of users in the site and users can purchase products without any fear.

18. Secure Pay Pal payment gateway

The website uses PayPal to secure your payment details for every transaction of purchased product from deal a day site. This best Groupon clone script is highly secure. With PayPal you can either use your existing PayPal account or pay without being a paypal member. This group deal script provides the highest possible level of security to make users online shopping experience safe and secure.

19. Newsletters Subscription

One day – One deal newsletter subscription is integrated in daily deal website where users can subscribe / unsubscribe for newsletters. Subscribed users will get all new updates of the site. The users who have unsubscribed from newsletters can subscribe again from My Account page when they want subscription.

20. Subscription for daily deal emails

Users can subscribe to daily deals information for their own city from this group buying site. The users / visitors who have subscribed their email for daily emails alert will notified for every deal of the day from the deal site.

21. Suggestion for discount and city

Users can give their suggestion for discount on products or for city. User can suggest city by entering city name or zip code if they can not found any deal for their city. User can suggest discount by filling form with option such as company name, city name, branch name, website URL and comments by them.

22. Deal comments

Users / Visitors can post comment on any particular deal with the option given under product description. Any comment posted by users can be deleted by Site owner Administrator.

23. RSS feed

RSS often known as Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. The users can get all information about latest deals, past deals, upcoming deals or any special offers and other important site notes by subscribing RSS Feed available from this Groupon clone script. The user subscribes to a feed by clicking a feed icon in a web browser that initiates the subscription process. RSS allows users to avoid manually inspecting the website they are interested in, and instead subscribe to website such that all new content is pushed onto their browsers when it becomes available.

24. Spontaneous site design

Can't afford the iPhone/Android App right now? Don't worry! With our script, our designs are Div-based. This means that all of our scripts are fully viewable in any modern day mobile phone browser. This best Groupon clone script will provide professionally design of deal site to make the website appealing to users and visitors.

Back End Features

1. Quick site statistics

The site owner or the administrator can view quick site statistics after logged into admin panel. Statistic contains useful information such as Number of active users, Total Deals with the site, Total Future Deal from the deal site, Number of new registered users to the website, How many new deal comments are there, Number of recent subscriptions and so on. Quick statistic gives site quick overview on the admin dashboard without manipulating all the sections.

2. Deals click statistic and analysis

Through the admin login, Administrator can have a complete report of clicks on deals. Click statistic represents details like Number of clicks to specific deal, IP address from where each click made to the deal, Click date and time. With Deals click statistic feature administrator can manage and moderate site traffic and can analysis on received data.

3. View online users

Administrator can view currently online users and visitors with their IP address from where they online.

4. Site management and settings

Site administrator can manage various site settings from admin panel. Administrator can manage site content as well as set make site online / offline, Set admin email address, manage paypal address, change administrator login password and other important settings.

5. Manage Product / Categories

Administrator can add as many as new products needed, update existing product’s details or delete unwanted products from the site. Product will have options like product title, model of product, product condition such as brand new / second hand / Referbished, product short description, product long description, product price, shipping charge and images and other necessary option needed for product. “Export to CSV” feature gives admin facility to export and download all products data into CSV (comma separated values) format for offline marketing.

6. Manage Site Deals

There are two types of deals available in this deal a day script.


  • Group style deal

    Group buying, also known as collective buying, offers products at significantly reduced prices on the condition that a minimum number of buyers would make the purchase. Administrator can add as many as group deals with the site. These are main options having group deal. Deal starting date, Deal will available for a specific city or multiple cities, Cities in which deal will available, Type of group deal(that means Main deal or side deal), Deal product, Product quantity, Minimum order for deal (minimum number of buyers), Deal expiration time and other necessary options needed for a group deal. Administrator can export all deal data into CSV format.

  • Woot style deal

    Woot style deal means "One Day, One Deal." Generally, Woot offers one product per day until its stock of that item is sold out, or until the product is replaced at midnight Central Time with the next offering. If a product sells out during its run, the next item still does not appear until midnight. These are main options having woot deal. Deal starting date, Deal will available for a specific city or multiple cities, Cities in which deal will available, Type of group deal(that means Main deal or side deal), Deal product, Product quantity, Deal expiration time and other necessary options needed for a woot deal. Administrator can export all deal data into CSV format.


7. Mange Partners

Partners are the users can monitor sales and other imperative functions. Administrator can manage partners from this section. Administrator can create partner account, update detail when needed and delete unwanted partners. Partner can login into admin panel with limited access compare to administrator.
Partners can have access of following things:
  • Manage product

    Partner of deal site has ability to add new products to the site. Partner can manage only those products which were added by them.

  • Manage deals

    Deal site’s partner can manage deals same as administrators. Partner can add new deal, update / edit deal details added by them only.

  • Manage orders

    Partner can manage order of their products and deals. Partner can filter order data criteria. That means partner can search orders by selecting from date and to date. After selecting date range, Order will displays between specified from date and to date.

  • Manage partner profile

    Partners can manage their own profile data. Partners can update their profile detail such as Username, Password, Company name, Address, Phone number, Website URL, Email, Their bank details and other necessary information related to profile. From this section partners keep their profile up-to-date.

  • Manage paypal setting

    Partner can provide their paypal business address from this section. Partner can change paypal business address when needed.

6. User (Customers) management

Administrator can manage site users from this section. Administrator can add new users with detail such as Username, Password, First name, Last name, Address, City, State, County, Post code, phone number, Email address, Billing information. Administrator can change any user’s required detail and can delete any user from admin panel. Administrator can download all the user’s data into CSV format.

7. Manage Blog

Administrator can manage all blog entries of site from here. Administrator has ability create new blog entry with options like blog date, title of blog, description of blog. Administrator can update any blog detail and can delete any unwanted blog. Admin has also ability on visibility of blog entry. That means administrator can publish / unpublish blog entry.

8. Manage City

The site owner or the Admin can add any number of cities from the backend and can set a particular city as "default" city to be displayed in the deal/home page for all the visitors. Administrator can edit city or delete city and also can publish / unpublish city to allow to display that city in User Area(Front-End).

9. Newsletter management

Administrator can add new newsletter template with customized layout and contents and can send to the subscribers. Administrator can send newsletter to all the subscribers or to admin only. Administrator can save newsletter for future reference and resend it to subscribers when needed.

10. Manage Deal comments

Administrator can view / delete deal comments from this section. Deal comments will be posted by site users / visitors. Administrator can view detail of comments such as comment date, user name who has posted comment and comment posted by user.

11. Order management

Site administrator can track of all the order placed by site users. Admin can view order details such as Order Id, Product name, Product owner, User who has purchased product, Order date, Product price, shipping charge on specific order, total order amount and Order status. Administrator can filter order by date. That means administrator can search orders by selecting from date and to date. After selecting date range, Order will displays between specified from date and to date.

12. Promotion code management

Site owner can manage all promotion code from this section. Promotion code refers to discount on products in terms of points or amount. Administrator can add promo code to site and issue this code to site uses. Users received promotion code from administrator, can use that promotion code while purchasing product from deal a day site within valid date range. Administrator has also ability to set default promotion code for new subscribers. Administrator has facility to download all promo code data into CSV format.

13. Site content management

Site owner can mange site content such as About us page, privacy policy, terms and condition page and other informative pages as per requirement. Administrator can also manage FAQ content from here. Admin can add / update / delete FAQ questions answers along with main help topic of it.

14. Manage outgoing Email Templates

Administrator can manage all the outgoing mail templates from admin panel. That means administrator can have their own email templates with personalized content.

15. Reports

Site administrator has facility to generate various report of site data. So admin can easily moderate important section of site.
  • Productwise sales report

    This report shows product wise selling from the site. That means which product is sold between specified two dates. Administrator can generate this report with date criteria or select product name or with order status. Administrator can view selling of products between two specific date by selecting from date and to date. Administrator can view selling for specific product also. Administrator can generate report by selecting order status also.

  • Userwise sales report

    Administrator can generate Userwise sales report with date criteria or with specific user or with order status. This report shows user wise selling of products. That means who has purchase which products within specified date range.

  • Gross sales report

    This report shows gross sell of products. That means which product is sold by its quantity and total quantity within specified from date and to date.

  • Registration report

    This report shows user registration to the site between specified dates. By selecting from date and to date admin can view who get registered with site on which date and his user id and current status.

  • Financial report

    This report shows financial statistic of product selling. That means which product is sold by its quantity and its total price within specified date range.

16. Helpdesk module

This feature will allow administrator to manage all website related support requests with the ease of doing so in the back-end of the script. This will completely remove the need for 3rd party and unreliable e-mail systems for your business and assure your customers are getting the support they deserve!

17. IP Banning

With this feature, site owner can block any particular IP address, a range of IP addresses, or an entire country of IP addresses. This facility is great and useful for restrict site access.

18. Points management

Administrator can decide whether user will get free points on first login or not. Administrator has also ability to set price per point. Admin can define price per point from admin panel.

19. Web Analytics

The site owner or the Administrator can set the Google analytics. By entering the Google analytics the analytics can be monitored through the given Email Account.